Clinical Performance Group (CPG) for Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders

Our clinical transformation work aims to shift the question from “What’s the matter with you?” to “What matters to you?” and work to ensure health care embraces a whole-person (spirit, mind, and body), whole-systems design for services and supports across the continuum of care.

Well Being Trust worked with Providence system leaders to establish a Clinical Performance Group (CPG) for Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders—an enterprise learning collaborative addressing three of the most pressing and cost-driving challenges within the health system: integrating behavioral health into primary care; transforming substance use treatment and services; and finding better ways to care for people with mental health issues in the emergency department. One year in, the work has resulted in a coordinated network of behavioral health leaders and caregivers throughout the system; cross-divisional alignment between behavioral health, primary care, community health investment and population health; emerging progress toward a system-wide behavioral health registry; four pilot locations working on digital solutions that support treatment for depression; development of an inpatient opioid withdrawal and maintenance management clinical pathway; and a substance use disorder model of care value proposition. 

Well Being Trust’s  Partnership with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Well Being Trust, in partnership with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, brought together eight leading health systems paired with community partners in an 18-month Learning Community, set within pilot emergency departments. Participants are testing a change package that includes fully integrating behavioral health in emergency departments and the community. 

The project will demonstrate that health systems can improve patient outcomes and experience while, at the same time, reducing emergency room utilization by optimizing patient access to community resources, like social safety net programs. Once completed, the models can be scaled to additional sites across systems.