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Clinical Transformation

Shifting the question from “What’s the matter with you?” to “What matters to you?”   This requires a whole-person (spirit, mind, and body), whole-systems design for integrated services and supports across the clinical-community continuum of care.

Community Transformation

Shining the light on bright spots throughout the country where leaders are transforming organizations practices and coming together across sectors to improve the health and well-being of their families and neighbors. This calls for strengthening, amplifying, spreading and scaling what works.

Policy and Advocacy

Supporting, developing, and leveraging public policy and advocacy initiatives that will increase affordable access to high-quality care, while addressing upstream conditions. This requires building “co-benefit” partnerships across sectors, and coalescing a trans-partisan alliance rooted in pragmatic, community-level solutions.

Social Engagements

Increasing understanding of the issues and opportunities for impact in a way that helps people turn to one another and catalyzes distributed action across our communities and nation. This requires normalizing conversations on difficult subjects and providing diverse pathways to meaningful action.

Learning and Innovation

Central to our success as an organization is the ability to assess impact, share our learnings, and scale up and out the most promising practices and policies to further mental health and well-being in the nation. Three years into our mission, Well Being Trust has made great strides in discerning strategies that can best unpack complex on-the-ground learnings through our investments as well as align with other organizations looking to better assess well-being in the nation.