Well Being Trust transitioning from national philanthropy, to improving mental health in the Providence footprint

A message from Tyler Norris, MDiv, Chief Executive, Well Being Trust, and
Benjamin F. Miller, PsyD, President, Well Being Trust

As you may have seen from a recent announcement from Dr. Rod Hochman, CEO of Providence, and Well Being Trust Board Chair,  Well Being Trust will no longer continue as a nationally-focused impact philanthropy.

Amidst unprecedented financial challenges, Providence has chosen to strategically pivot, and focus Well Being Trust efforts and resources on clinical care and improving the mental health and well-being of Providence communities. 

As a result of this transition, the full-time Well Being Trust team will be released effective August 1, 2022.

Well Being Trust’s five-year legacy in the nation is strong. Witness the Framework for Excellence and the dozens of clinical and community proof points, policies passed, organizational start-ups, and strategic alliances that Well Being Trust seed-funded, co-created and helped lead. Organizations such as Inseparable, Mindful Philanthropy, The CEO Alliance for Mental Health, the WIN Network, and youth advocacy partnerships are all now well-led and sustainably supported, each playing a vital role in the national mental health ecosystem.

In the past five years Well Being Trust, has invested $55 million in over 240 partners and over 400 projects, more than half of which went directly to the communities Providence serves. Every penny went to deliver on our founding mission: to advance the mental, social, and spiritual health of the nation.  

We recently released our 2021 annual report, which highlights some of our key initiatives. Over the last five years, Well Being Trust has helped increase the amount of philanthropic giving; delivered ever more granular and actionable data; published a dozen playbooks, solution sets and resilience strategies; while aligning policy and communications around one Unified Vision, and consistently showing up as a national leader for mental health.

We have made a difference and our impact has been felt.

We couldn’t have done any of this work without you. From the beginning, our driving philosophy was about partnership. And because of this, the relationships, coalitions, and collaborations that have been formed, we know the mental health field will continue to grow and thrive.  While this chapter of Well Being Trust is coming to a close for us, the work continues and is enabled by each of you – our trusted partners and colleagues who are making a difference every day. We thank you for the opportunity to engage with you, to see your successes, and to see the impact that our partnership has had on helping countless people around the nation.  For the work you have done and will do, we are grateful.  

We wish our fellow caregivers at Providence well as they navigate unprecedented challenges and lead the internal refocus on assuring access to high-quality clinical care, and long-term system health.

We want to thank and recognize the amazing Well Being Trust staff. None of this would have been possible without their passion and commitment for our national mission.

For those who are active contractors or grantees, you will be contacted directly by Jennifer Graves jennifer@wellbeingtrust.org who alongside Amy Shields amy@wellbeingtrust.org will be assisting Providence in the transition of Well Being Trust.

Thank you for your trust in us and our national mission.  

In spirited partnership,

Tyler and Ben