Providence’ Well Being Trust supports launch of virtual mental health services throughout the Renton School District

Teen in telehealth visit
Renton School District recently launched virtual mental health services for students at no cost as part of the district’s ongoing partnership to support youth mental health.

As part of a district-wide effort to increase mental health access to their students, Renton School District has partnered with mental telehealth company Hazel Health to bring virtual therapy services to their schools. Students in the district will now be able to partake in private tele-mental health therapy sessions during regular school hours and at home – an important step in increasing mental health access and getting youth the mental health care they need.  

The unveiling of virtual therapy services is the latest milestone in the partnership between Providence and Sounders FC, announced in January 2023 to help combat the youth mental health crisis. Providence’s Well Being Trust is honored to support this effort, which allows these services to be provided at no-cost to all 15, 000 students in the Renton School District. 

Working with the Renton School District, Providence and Seattle Sounders FC are helping to create safe spaces for children to play and provide camps that incorporate mental well-being curriculum. In addition, the partnership will help foster a culture within local area schools to help every child prioritize their mental well-being and be equipped to support their peers.

The partnership has also yielded the May announcement of a mini pitch by RAVE Foundation opening soon at Tiffany Park in Renton, a June mental health assembly at Talley High School, and the facilitation of sports physicals in August.  

“Meeting patients where they are is imperative for increasing mental health access,” says Arpan Waghray, MD, CEO of Providence’s Well Being Trust.

“This is even more important for our youth, who face unique stressors every day while they lay the groundwork for their future. We hope by making therapy available during the standard parts of their day, Renton students recognize the impact and benefits of prioritizing their mental health, and to not shy away from the conversations that can help them.” 

The well-documented youth mental health crisis has had a major impact on kids and parents alike, as they face unprecedented wait times for therapists and lack of dedicated mental health facilities in many parts of the country. Dedicated virtual tele-therapy services for kids and families can play a key role in getting them support as the work to increase access across the country continues.  

Providence’s Well Being Trust is honored to help drive this important work that advances the mental health and well-being of our youth.

Learn more about the services here.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Providence and Sounders FC partnership.