California youth; allcove members invited to present at international mental health conference

Samskruthi M., Ana Lilia Soto, and Shravanti S. are pictured above at the Adolescent Youth Mental Health Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, in October 2022.

Services provided at allcove centers are designed with, by and for youth and young adults

Several members of allcove, a network providing emotional, physical, and social support to youth and young adults in California, recently presented findings from the ACCESS (Anti-Racist, Culturally-Minded Community Education, Support, and Services) project, at the International Association for Youth  Mental Health Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The ACCESS project is focused on developing anti-racist practices and policies to help ensure allcove centers meet the cultural needs of young people.  The work is being led by youth and young adults and is designed to address the barriers that youth encounter as they access mental health services by attempting to remove racially problematic practices that discourage youth from seeking help.

The anti-racist policies that are being developed through this project will set a foundational framework for equity and anti-racist practices, guide allcove policy, and be woven into and touch all service streams in the allcove center located in Palo Alto, California, as well as in the five centers currently under development. The allcove learning community will facilitate trainings for staff and youth advisors focused on development, utilization, and implementation of the ACCESS policy recommendations and principles.

Services provided at the allcove centers are designed with, by and for youth and include: counseling provided by mental health professionals; confidential and judgement-free medical advice and treatment from medical professionals; substance use support and counseling; peer and family support; and educational and career support.

The first allcove center opened in Palo Alto in June 2021 and supports the mental health and overall wellness for youth and young adults by providing a range of emotional, physical, and social support services. Additional centers are being developed in Redondo Beach, Sacramento, San Mateo, and South Orange County.

Well Being Trust is honored to partner with allcove as they work to make mental health care more integrated and accessible for young people ages 12 to 25.

Learn more about allcove and the centers being established throughout California here.

View a 30-second clip of the presentation at the Adolescent Youth Mental Health Conference below. The conference was held by the International Association for Youth Mental Health, an organization whose mission is to change the way the global community thinks about young people and their mental health.