A Look at WBT’s Movement Building Activities

At Well Being Trust, we are celebrating our first five years of service on our mission to advance the mental, social and spiritual health of the United States.  In this half-decade, we have gone from the bold vision and generous endowment of Providence– to being a leader in the country, serving as an innovative catalyst, inclusive convenor, and focused investor.

We continue to strengthen the multiple new organizations and alliances WBT helped co-create and seed-fund – that now serve as “essential infrastructure” for the U.S. mental health and well-being movement, and which bring key services and resources to families, organizations, communities, states and the nation.  This includes:

  • Inseparable – a powerful 501.c4 established in 2020 that is shaping mental health and addiction policy, and building political will at the local, state and federal level. Check out some of the big victories in CA, IL and other states, as well as Hopeful Futures – working to ensure that every child has access to the mental health care they need.
  • Mindful Philanthropy– bringing more resources to the field, while focusing investments on those with the greatest potential for population level impact.
  • WIN Network– One of the nation’s leading alliances of communities, CBO’s and NGO’s advancing intergenerational well-being and equity.
  • CEO Huddle – A powerful alliance of the leading mental health and addiction guilds, associations, networks and funders — advancing a Unified Vision and a seamless continuum of care, including 988.
  • Mental Health Data infrastructure – with increasingly granular, fresh data on mental health, addiction and well-being.
  • We continue to advance Community Initiated Care as a primary Well Being Trust initiative to democratize (scale and spread) mental health and well-being skills and capacities across our communities – via people working in places such as barber shops and beauty salons; YMCA’s, houses of worship, daycares and school, employment and cultural settings. The goals: increase community capacity to care for one another; reduce stigma; make it safe for people to have conversations of significance; and increase access and referral to integrated whole person care for everyone.

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