Our Patients

Expanding timely access and improving quality care


We are leading the way in improving our nation’s mental health and well-being by expanding timely access to care and improving quality mental health and substance use care. 

We’re doing this by aligning around several key care priorities including:  

  • Depression treatment response. 
  • Suicide care. 
  • Access to medication assisted treatment (MAT) for Opiate Use Disorders (OUD).  
  • Leading and supporting quality improvement projects to better support patient care. 
  • Improving data access to better focus around areas of opportunity. 
  • Testing innovations around technology, care model design, and staffing models.  
  • Advocating for policy improvements that lead to improved access and quality of care.
  • Securing funding to improve the spaces and resources for care delivery. 

Project highlights:  

  • Depression and Suicide Screening Automation – we’ve launched automated depression and suicide screenings in the primary care environment to ensure our clinicians have the information they need to proactively support our patients. 
  • Behavioral Health Integration in Primary Care Toolkit – partnering with clinicians and practice leaders across the system, we built out a toolkit with resources for building out integrated behavioral health programs including onboarding and training content, billing and coding information, clinical research, etc.  
  • Digital Suicide Tools in the Emergency Department (ED) – to improve the care experience for patients with suicidal thinking in our EDs, we partnered with a technology company that provides a tablet-based resource to take patients through orientation materials, a suicide assessment, and comfort and skill videos and activities as well as provide a digital resource patients can take home with them on their mobile phone.  
Meet our Affinity and Focus Group Co-Leads

The Affinity and Focus Groups are system-wide learning collaboratives around behavioral health topics supporting best practice recommendation creation, operational and clinical optimizations, and community-building. 


Lead/ Co-Lead

  • Behavioral Health Integration in Primary Care
  • Linda Cruz, MD and Jenni O’Donnell, PsyD
  • Behavioral Health in the ED+Up
  • Angelique Campen, MD and  Stacia Fisher, LICSW
  • Child/Adolescent
  • Tamara Sheehan, RN and Jeremy Williams, RN
  • Inpatient Psychology
  • Tanya Keeble, MD and Gale Springer, ARNP
  • Interventional Psychology

Brian Liebrich, MD and  Tamara Sheehan, RN