Our People

Supporting Providence’s 120,000-plus caregivers by promoting mental and spiritual health and wellness; expanding access

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, health care professionals were already at a heightened risk of burnout, mental health concerns, and suicide. As a result of the pandemic, we have only seen this trend accelerate. 

Providence’s Well Being Trust is supporting a culture of wellness and resilience by partnering with other areas of the organization to create programs and resources that are adaptive to the needs of our caregivers by: 

    • Providing simple access via a “digital front door” to mental and spiritual health and wellness tools and resources, including clinical professionals (in-person or via telehealth). 
    • Engaging caregivers in a menu of spiritual and mental health and wellness activities. 
    • Normalizing help-seeking behaviors through ongoing education and de-stigmatization campaigns 
    • Proactively inviting caregivers to participate in a confidential and anonymous, online mental health check-up at least annually. 
    • Creating a Core Leader Outreach program, a proactive invitation for leaders to join a virtual consultation with our team of Wellness Consultants, made up of Chaplains and Behavioral Health Professional from across Providence. 
    • Providing suicide prevention training. 
    • Offering Tele-Spiritual Health virtual sessions.  

No One Cares Alone: A Caregiver Mental Wellness Ecosystem – A menu of Caregiver Mental Wellness programs developed by Providence for other healthcare organizations to model and implement.


A Guide to Promoting Health Care Workforce Well-Being During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic – Institute for Healthcare Improvement.  Topics related to the prevention, prediction, and mitigation of poor caregiver mental health and well-being, featuring experts in the field. Key themes include: transforming moral distress to moral resilience, peer support: fostering connection and destigmatizing mental illness, and psychological PPE.