Healing the Nation Webinar Series–You’re INVITED!

Earlier this year, WBT launched Healing the Nationa comprehensive national policy framework for mental health and addiction. The issues we highlighted in the publication have only grown more relevant during the COVID-19 crisis. We are now launching a monthly webinar series that dives into pressing topics in mental health using the policy framework we’ve outlined in Healing the Nation. Please join us.
The first webinar, COVID-19: The Triple Threat Against Our Well Being, was held on April 20 and focused on the social, economic, and health impacts of COVID-19. Our panel of experts will engage in conversation around the current status of the crisis and comprehensive solutions we can put forth in response. See below for their bios.
The second webinar, Media’s Perspective on Mental Health During COVID-19, was held on May 27 at 10:00 am ET and can be accessed here.
The third webinar focused on What the data shows us about COVID-19’s impact on mental health and well-being and took place on June 18 at 1 pm ET.  View it here.
The fourth webinar: The Future of Mental Health in California will take place on July 30, 10 am – 12 pm PT. REGISTER HERE

View the First Webinar Here

 View the second webinar here

View the third webinar here 

Register for the fourth webinar here