Well Being Trust Supports Coalition of Behavioral Science Organizations’ Rebuilding Opportunity in America

Well-being and community are inextricably linked. At Well Being Trust, we believe the only way to transform the health of our nation is to assure equity in all aspects of life. The conditions where we live play a critical role in our opportunity to be healthy and well. Safe, healthy, and affordable places to live offer access to opportunities and pathways for growth. Yet too many families live in areas of concentrated disadvantage — neighborhoods where high percentages of residents live in poverty, therefore experience high levels of stress every day, and lack the opportunities to live long and live well.
The right to health and well-being, owed to every child, teen, and adult in the nation, is within reach. Policymakers have the power to enact policies and fund programs that support communities of concentrated disadvantage and enable them to thrive. We offer our support for the following statement from the Coalition of Behavioral Science Organizations’ Rebuilding Opportunity in America:
“We believe that a long-term nationwide effort to reduce concentrated disadvantage and increase opportunity in America’s neighborhoods is vital to the future of the nation. We urge action at the federal level and at the local level that focuses on reducing poverty, inequality, and discrimination and increasing the implementation of policies and programs that help families thrive.”
We’re proud to support initiatives aimed at realizing the vision of Rebuilding Opportunity in America.  Thriving Together: A Springboard for Equitable Recovery and Resilience in Communities Across The Nation, is one such effort, advanced with over 100 partners this spring to promote well-being and justice in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.
Well Being Trust’s commitment to uplifting mental, social and spiritual health for all is rooted in our understanding of what people need in order to reach their fullest potential. Our Healing the Nation initiative promotes a policy and investment framework for taking action to end our nation’s epidemic of mental illness and addiction.
It’s time to support communities where concentrated disadvantage limits human potential, and build a healthier, more equitable nation that works for ALL.
— Tyler Norris, Chief Executive, Well Being Trust