A Unified Vision for Transforming Mental Health and Substance Use Care

In early 2020, as COVID began to spread across the United States, the leaders of the nation’s 14 leading mental health, addiction and well-being advocacy groups and professional organizations began meeting weekly to generate proposals for how to powerfully address the new wave of need. With our combined expertise working on the fault lines of substance use, suicide and severe mental illness towards well-being and resilience, we created a Unified Vision for Transforming Mental Health and Substance Use Care, that offers actionable pathways for success. And, for the first time, there is strong agreement among stakeholders about what must be done.
7 Critical Elements of the Unified Vision for the Future of Mental Health, Well-Being and Addiction in the United States: Early Identification and Prevention, Integration, Workforce, Emergency and Crisis Response, Parity, Equity, Standards

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The news was announced in a joint press release from all 14 organizations. Read the release.
“Over decades, America’s mental health care system has been chronically underfunded and broken such that people with serious mental illness were more likely to be living on the streets, languishing in jails, or dying two decades prematurely in poverty rather than receiving compassionate treatment. And all that was before COVID-19 arrived. Just as our anemic public healthcare system left us unprepared for the pandemic, we were even less prepared for an unprecedented mental health crisis afflicting half of all Americans… The good news is that there is a plan – a roadmap for the new administration, Congress and state governments to reinvent our broken mental health care infrastructure.” — Read more in a new op-ed in The Star-Ledger.
Convenors: Daniel Gillison, CEO, National Alliance on Mental Illness, and Tyler Norris, CEO, Well Being Trust
Founding Members (CEO):




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