Tyler & Ashley in the Practical Playbook: Building an Agenda for Population Health from the Grassroots Up

“It may seem like a misplacement for a chapter on building an agenda for population health to be in the Practical Playbook section on “innovation.” Building an agenda that creates “health for all” from the grassroots up hardly seems to fit the common mental model of “innovation” as something new, technology-based, or disruptive. Much of this work is nothing new: the Healthy Communities movement has been advancing for some 30 years, initially catalyzed by Healthy Boston, California Healthy Cities, and a collaboration between the US Department of Health and Human Services and the National Civic League.1 It’s not especially technology-based, although mapping and story tools such as Community Commons have made it easier to advance place-based health improvement work by giving users the ability to collect, see, and share publicly available data while shaping solutions-based narratives of communities’ health.”
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