Turning to One Another

Dear Friends of Well Being Trust,
I hope you and your families are as well as can be in this season of grace, amidst so many challenges in our world.
My prayer is that you find moments away from the day-to-day – for rest, reflection, connection with others, and re-creation.
These weeks are poignant and bittersweet, as we open our hearts to our fellow caregivers, first responders and other essential workers who will be doubling down with work given full hospital beds and massive social needs in the context of soaring COVID-19 rates and all else. It is a sobering reminder that even with the vaccine arriving, we are many, many months from stemming the rates of death, dislocation and depletion.
It is vital that we all stay engaged with practicing and assuring rigorous public health precautions – as well as building trust for vaccine uptake.
Through the layers of privilege and well-being I and many of us experience, I am reminded of how many souls are deeply suffering, profoundly vulnerable, or for whom this is a just a darn tough season given past trauma, loss or not being able to be with those they love.
May we all ‘turn to one another’ in these weeks – whether out of our own need, or with someone who may need us. 
In the generosity of shared presence, is mutual healing for us all.
Please know how grateful I am for your partnership and contribution to our vital mission to advance the mental, social and spiritual health of the nation, especially in this challenging year.
With gratitude for who you are, as well as all you do,
In spirited partnership,
Tyler Norris, MDiv, is Chief Executive of Well Being Trust