STAT Morning Rounds: New report finds low levels of teenage well-being in the U.S.

new report on teen well-being in the U.S. finds that 60% of those ages 13-18 are not flourishing — defined as experiencing positive emotions as well as positive emotional and social functioning. Teens are also reporting higher stress levels than older adults, the majority of which is due to mass shootings, concern about peers with anxiety and depression, and rising suicide rates. Majorities of teens have also been discriminated against, and almost all report hearing the word “gay” used disparagingly at school. The report also identifies 47 action items that policymakers at local, state and national levels can take to improve the well-being of teens. These items range from engaging with social media platforms and influencers to promote more content that encourages teens to spend time helping others in their community to encouraging lawmakers to design budgets with teenage well-being in mind.
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