Delivering News & Care During COVID-19 and the Uprising for Racial Justice

In the midst of a global pandemic and a nationwide reckoning on racial justice, health care workers and journalists share one thing in common: they’re both on the front lines, responsible for upholding access and equity as they address America’s greatest concerns of the time.
In partnership with the Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation, Well Being Trust recently hosted a conversation between Kathleen Noonan of the Camden Coalition, who leads some of the most progressive health care work in the country, and Dan Gorenstein of the ‘Tradeoffs’ podcast, addressing the most complex health issues facing our nation. A Q&A followed the discussion, moderated by Dr. Benjamin Miller, Well Being Trust’s chief strategy officer.
Listen in as the two explore the critical role the media plays in helping health care systems meet their goals, what happens when journalists bring empathy and nuance to their coverage of health care, and the value of incorporating consumers’ voices and lived experiences into the decision-making process that drives change in America’s health care system.