CDC data underscores need for immediate action to address the pain in the nation

By Benjamin F. Miller

Sad. Frustrated. Angry. Challenged. Motivated.

These are a few of the feelings I had today when I saw the recent CDC data on drug deaths that came out today. As we called out last month, incrementalism is insufficient, and what we need is a more comprehensive approach to help stop these deaths. In our Pain in the Nation report, we call out the need to clarify the National Resilience Strategy for well-being.

At the Well Being Trust, we’re committed to working across sectors to crystallize and catalyze local action to advance evidence-based policies, programs and practices needed to achieve success and address these epidemics.

In the meantime, as we gather with friends and family for the holidays, I am reflecting on the blog post my colleague Tyler Norris wrote upon the release of the Pain In the Nation report leading up to Thanksgiving. I encourage you to read it, and to engage with friends, family and neighbors this holiday season to show you care, and to find out how you can support their health, so we can all #BeWell in the New Year.