Pain In The Nation

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Pain in the Nation

In 2017, with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Trust for America’s Health, we co-funded and released the seminal 2017 report Pain in the Nation on “deaths of despair” in America. The report presented 60 evidence-based policy and advocacy strategies to help decrease deaths due to alcohol, drugs and suicide and called for a national resilience strategy.

In 2018, Well Being Trust continued the Pain in the Nation work with Trust for America’s Health by issuing three new policy briefs, focused on alcohol, drug and suicide death rate disparities; the education sector; and healthcare systems.

Additionally, with TFAH, WBT provided timely comments around the release of new mortality data related to drugs, alcohol, and suicide.

In addition, WBT worked with TFAH to build a microsite that houses all of the data related to alcohol, drug, and suicide mortality–by state with projections a decade into the future.

Paired with this is a visual representation of the National Resilience Strategy, providing a high-level path forward to addressing the many factors that contribute to diseases of despair.

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