National Mental Health Advisory Board

20 Emerging Young Adult Leaders Join National Mental Health Advisory Board to Advance Advocacy Efforts, Outreach.

To strengthen and help bolster advocacy efforts and turn frustration into action, 20 young adults ages 16-24 from across the United States have joined a newly formed National Mental Health Advisory Board, with the support of Active Minds, Well Being Trust, and Young Invincibles.

Meet the Advisory Board Members!

The 2021 National Mental Health Advisory Board is comprised of young adults from across the nation from college campuses, nonprofits, and the performing arts.


JUST RELEASED! Evokate - A New Mental Health Advocacy Tool

The National Mental Health Advisory board led the vision, development, and creation of, Evokate, a new policy and advocacy digital tool focused on empowering young people to advocate at the intersection of mental health and social issues important to them.

The new tool gives expanded access to resources for young adults exploring the world of mental health policy at local and state levels.  Explore Evokate at  

Check out the Latest Blogs

Ilakkiya Senthilkumar recently spoke about her childhood growing up in India and then later moving to the United States, her journey to find a since of belonging without neglecting her own mental health and well-being, and her mission to help others, particularly youth and minorities groups, to do the same.


Carissa Samuel, a junior transfer studying molecular and cellular biology at UC Berkeley, recently spoke about the important role that community plays in her Indian culture and heritage; the isolation that she experienced being seen “not as a person, but just as a brown girl”; and the important role that community played in helping her embrace her struggles and find a path to healing.