Policy and Advocacy

In 2020, Well Being Trust released Healing the Nation: Advancing Mental Health and Addiction Policy, a  policy action guide, featuring actionable solutions to improve mental health and well-being.

The policy action guide, provides meaningful and actionable solutions to help advance mental health policy in this country. 

Included in Healing the Nation is a Framework focusing on multiple angles for engagement with a specific emphasis on five main entry points for policy:

Health Systems

Integrate mental health care where people seek physical care

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Judicial System

Avenues to aid those with mental health concerns

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Education System

Childhood is a critical time to improve mental health

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Workplace & Unemployment

Maximize mental health outcomes across situations

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Whole Community

Concrete steps to span sectors

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Well Being Trust is the biggest foundation focused on—like its name—the well-being of Americans. They have just gotten started and their primary focus is [mental health and parity]. We are blessed to have Well Being Trust jump into this space right now at such a critical juncture for this movement. And, I thank Tyler and Ben and all those at Well Being Trust…”

Policy Reports

Pain in the Nation: the latest in a series of reports tracking the nation’s deaths of despair crisis produced by Trust for America’s Health and Well Being Trust. 

Bipartisan Policy Center: This examines the major barriers to integrating clinical health care and mental health services in the United States, including insurance coverage and payment disparities, workforce shortages, and administrative challenges. 

State & Local Policy Reports

Youth & Young Adult-focused Policy Reports