Movement Building

Since our founding in 2017, Well Being Trust has invested more than $58 million in designing and building essential capacity for the mental health and well-being movement in the United States. This means assuring capacity, leadership and operational infrastructure across 7 key elements: aligned vision and leadership, effective communications, policy advocacy, bold philanthropy, usable data, community engagement, and standards of excellence.

 Our movement building work started with creating the Framework for Excellence in Mental Health and Well-Being. The Framework serves to shape practices, policies and investments that have enough comprehensiveness to save lives.   This means assuring affordable COVERAGE and access to integrated whole person mental health and addiction CARE, while creating the COMMUNITY conditions for equitable well-being.

Our movement-building portfolio includes:
Community Initiated Care: Building Skills to
Improve Mental Health

In 2021, Well Being Trust initiated a partnership with Harvard Medical School to develop a national plan for scaling up community-based models of care that enable and empower individuals in communities to learn how to prevent and respond in a timely and effective manner to mental health and substance use concerns.

StrengthIn.Us includes skills-based training with communities to strengthen the ability to support common mental health needs — when, where, and how it works for them. The skills are evidenced-based, but training and implementation are co-designed with communities. Because from faith-based to youth, help must look, sound, and feel like the community it serves.

StrengthIn.Us is grounded in the growing field of social neuroscience, psychological interventions, and understanding how evolution has shaped human interactions. The StrengthIn.Us methods tap into our natural empathy as a way of aiding one another in healing.

View StrengthInUs resources below:

Co-founding and investing in, now a powerful mental health policy advocacy organization, mobilizing the resources and political will to assure an integrated care support system that’s there for everyone.

Co-founding and investing in Mindful Philanthropy, to bring more resources to the field, while focusing investments on those with the greatest potential for impact, including: direct services, capacity building, policy and advocacy, and research and innovation.

Co-founding the CEO Alliance on Mental Health (formerly the CEO Huddle) convening our nation’s leading mental health organizations and professional associations. The CEO Alliance created the Unified Vision with over 65 signatories – engaging federal, state and local government, in roadmap for accelerating effective mental health strategies as the nation struggles to weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

Designing and implementing whole person care delivery with Providence, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the American Hospital Association  and others – that integrate mental and physical health while  meeting social needs via clinical-community partnerships.

Co-creating and serving as the lead investor in the WIN Network ecosystem of communities and organizations working together across issues and perspectives to advance intergenerational well-being and equity.

Partnering with The Mental Health Coalition bringing new and inclusive narratives, and the voice of lived experience to normalizing conversations that matter while mobilizing action.

Serving as lead investor in for Be Well OC, leveraging the cross-sector capabilities of public, private, academic, faith-based entities, and others to create a coordinated system of care for mental health and substance use disorder in their region. Nearly 500 organizations play a role in the Be Well ecosystem.

Serving as first investor in Work2BeWell a youth mental health prevention and education program featuring youth voices in social media, curriculum development and promotional activities supporting mental health and emotional well-being