Framework for Excellence in Mental Health & Well-Being

The Framework for Excellence in Mental Health and Well-Being is a guide for changemakers at every level of society who seek to improve mental health outcomes and promote well-being for millions of Americans. The Framework, launched in 2020, and updated in November 2021,  focuses on multiple angles for engagement with a specific emphasis on main entry points for policy: Health Systems; Judicial Systems; Education Systems; Workplace + Unemployment; Digital Solutions; and the Whole Community. 

The Framework provides a comprehensive approach to understanding and acting on the individual, community, and systemic factors that influence mental health and well-being. Our approach is helping align a vast field of partners, across sectors, to take concerted action to improve outcomes. The Framework allows us to identify opportunities for investment, program implementation, policy action, and system improvement — and provides a recognizable organizing structure to articulate and begin to better meet mental health and addiction needs by working in and across three key areas: Community, Care and Coverage.

Join Us
Well Being Trust and dozens of partners are using The Framework to guide our work.  We invite you to do the same.  If you or your organization are interested in adapting and applying the Framework in your work, contact us at