Framework for Excellence in Mental Health & Well-Being

The Framework for Excellence in Mental Health and Well-Being is a guide for changemakers at every level of society who seek to improve mental health outcomes and promote well-being for millions of Americans. The Framework, launched in 2020, and updated in November 2021,  focuses on multiple angles for engagement with a specific emphasis on main entry points for policy: Health Systems; Judicial Systems; Education Systems; Workplace + Unemployment; Digital Solutions; and the Whole Community. 

The Framework provides a comprehensive approach to understanding and acting on the individual, community, and systemic factors that influence mental health and well-being. Our approach is helping align a vast field of partners, across sectors, to take concerted action to improve outcomes. The Framework allows us to identify opportunities for investment, program implementation, policy action, and system improvement — and provides a recognizable organizing structure to articulate and begin to better meet mental health and addiction needs by working in and across three key areas: Community, Care and Coverage.