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2019 Well Being Trust Annual Report

Please read the introductory letter by Tyler Norris.

Since January 2017, Well Being Trust has invested over $55 million in more than 100 initiatives and forged extensive cross-sector partnerships to improve mental health and well-being across the country. In California alone, Well Being Trust committed $30 million dollars—across 65 initiatives —to improve mental health and well-being in the state’s communities.


  1. Address structural elements that explicitly limit the advancement of mental health and well-being at a systemic level, including financing, policy, and cross-sector collaboration.
  2. Lay a foundation for better assessing work specific to mental health by creating tangible data platforms, program models, and research.
  3. Align strategic partners at multiple levels to maximize opportunities for change.

Maureen Bisognano, President Emerita, Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Chair, National Advisory Council: “In three short years, Well Being Trust has gone from a bold vision of hope by Providence, to become an indispensable national leader in the movement for mental health and well-being in our country. Together with its many partners, Well Being Trust is poised to save 100,000 lives from deaths of despair in the coming decade.”

The annual report highlights key initiatives from our first few years, presents our strategic directions for the next three years, and paints a picture of the mental health and well-being “movement infrastructure” we are investing in to save lives.

1. National Leadership: Well Being Trust has helped convene and align the fragmented mental health and addiction field in the US: building cross-sector partnerships and alliances; informing legislation in key states; and shaping the next generation of bipartisan federal policy recommendations. We are at the heart of building the “infrastructure” for the nationwide mental health and well-being movement. We ensure that ‘lived experience’, social justice, and equity are central to all conversations of significance in the field.

2. Social Engagement: We generated over 800 million social impressions that have built awareness, opened dialogues, connected peers, taught skills, and engaged the American people in ‘normalizing the conversation’ (reducing stigma) about mental health and well-being. In the process, we are catalyzing personal, family, organizational and community actions rooted in the evidence base that are driving change for prevention, healing and recovery. We implemented over 125,000 “intercepts” — reflecting individuals that “needed help now” that were directly linked by WBT to clinical care, resources and supports. This has reduced suffering and saved lives.

3. California Investment Portfolio: The most significant single “lift” of our first three years was the implementation of the $30 million CA mental health initiative, which is now delivering outcomes for 40 million Californians, while producing learning and models for scale and spread around the nation.

4. Clinical Transformation: We partnered with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and 8 leading health systems to lead the Emergency Department and Upstream learning collaborative, that is transforming care delivery and addressing upstream social factors. With Providence, we co-created and invested in the Mental Health and Substance Use “Clinical Performance Group” that is changing how Providence delivers integrated whole-person care, and is beginning to roll out solution-sets and playbooks for the nation.

Today, as every day, we are given opportunities in our communities to assure the vital conditions for intergenerational well-being— and to fight ‘othering’ and exclusion in every form. In our homes, in our schools and workplaces, in faith settings, and neighborhood gathering places, we can work together to ensure every person can experience economic opportunity and connected pathways to realize their fullest potential for flourishing.

Join us is shared action! Mental health and addiction touches every single one of us. And every one of us has a unique role to play in creating well-being for all.