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The Well Being In the Nation (WIN) Network is a growing strategic network of organizations and communities coming together to advance intergenerational well-being and equity.  We will do this by expanding the vital conditions everyone needs to thrive—without exception–through relationships and system change.  WIN look to the leadership of people in places across the country who confront challenges every day to enrich health and well-being in a way that is inclusive of everyone.

WIN begins with a recognition that the legacies of the past and the policies, structures and beliefs we choose to live with every day, shape our current reality.  Some of these have led to well-being, dignity, and belonging, while others lead to trauma, poor health, and exclusion.  In communities across the country, these current and past legacies trap the potential of a hundred million people to participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.  How we perceive ourselves and one another, how we are in relationship with one another, how we shape the policies and systems of our time, which will become the legacies inherited by generations to come—this is our work.

We have no say in how policies and systems that were shaped by people who lived before us.  It is our obligation to make decisions today that will expand the vital conditions of health and well-being for ourselves and for future generations, to move us toward a thriving, interconnected, equitable world.  This is the stewardship we seek to grow into and the legacies we seek to create—because we all have vested interests in developing legacies of interconnectedness in a common world.

Over the last year, several loosely connected streams of effort, led by organizations across the country who have been working for years to improve health, well-being, and equity, have begun to converge into a growing river of interest in securing intergenerational well-being for all.

The July 2018 convening in Oakland, which brought nationwide policymakers and local community leaders together around a shared dialogue about what would create intergenerational well-being; the release of the Well-being In the Nation measures, co-developed with 100+ organizations and communities; bright spots created by pacesetter communities committed to improving intergenerational well-being; and the early development of a policy agenda that could break the cycle of poverty and injustice, have sparked our collective imagination and motivation to come together to expand the vital conditions that will enhance well-being for ourselves and for generations to come.


Designed as a set of interconnected cooperatives and led by trusted and credible organizations around the country in partnership with federal agencies and local communities, WIN offers a way for us to bring our assets together around real opportunities to secure intergenerational well-being for all.   We are currently developing the following interconnected cooperative streams of work, led by WIN Network partners themselves:

  • Policy and Investment– A set of policy and system change agendas at the community, state, and national level that advance intergenerational well-being and equity.
  • Stories and Dialogue – A set of initiatives to build intergenerational dialogue and storytelling to help connect the nation and shift understanding about who we are, how we got here, and how we might create well-being and equity.
  • Measurement and LearningA cooperative that helps measure, understand, and improve intergenerational well-being over time, assuring that data is equitably available to communities to expand the vital conditions for well-being.
  • Pacesetters and Proof Points Efforts to spotlight and learn from pacesetter communities that demonstrate what it takes to work together at scale as stewards of a common system and secure legacies of intergenerational well-being for all.
  • Well Being Alliance –An alliance of leading organizations committed to demonstrating shared principles, adopting common measures, and advancing a social movement for investment, policy and practice changes that can achieve population-level outcomes.
  • Capacity Building – Tools and resources that can support organizations and communities on this journey, regardless of where they start, and help them adopt/adapt what works for their community.

The first areas of shared focus for the WIN Network, across cooperatives, are

1) Mental health and well-being

2) Economic inclusion and inclusive economies at the intersection of race, place, health, wealth, democracy, and well-being.

WE in the World serves as the WIN Support Team, helping to convene, coordinate, and support these efforts together with major partners who have committed to this effort, including Community Initiatives, the Institute for People, Place and Possibility, PolicyLink, ReThink Health, 100 Million Healthier Lives and Well Being Trust. For more information, check out www.winnetwork.org.