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Well Being Alliance

The Well Being Alliance brings organizations and communities together to accelerate systemic change towards intergenerational well-being for all in the United States. Alliance members are co-creating a common framework for action; adopting shared standards and metrics; assuring a focus on equity; and advancing organizational practice changes, public policies and investment strategies — in service of a broad-based social movement to achieve population-level well-being outcomes in the nation.

The Alliance exists to catalyze progress toward well-being in the nation by enabling aligned non-profits, communities, institutions and leaders to work together in partnership. Broadly, Alliance members are agreeing to work towards the same basic goal of advancing the mental health and well-being of all Americans by ensuring that everyone has the vital conditions for well-being in the communities where they live, work, worship & play.

The Alliance serves to increase the impact of all participating organizations’ work and accelerate well-being in the nation by working together. Compacts are commitments of Members to themselves and each other.

Organizations contribute to this shared body of work by committing to advancing well-being, the vital conditions for well-being, and the basic principles of the Alliance individually and collaboratively through their leadership and resource allocation.

For more on the Alliance, visit the Well Being In the Nation (WIN) Network website.