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Stories of Change: How We’re Transforming Clinical Practice to Better Treat Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Well Being Trust is led by clinical experts who’ve dedicated their lives and careers to improving the well-being of patients and communities. We know the challenges patients, practitioners, and health systems face when it comes to addressing mental health and substance use disorders. Just as importantly, we know there are solutions and opportunities for change, and we understand the nation must work together to transform the way mental health care is provided and ensure everyone has access to high quality care.

To that end, one of the first things we did after our founding in 2016 was work with Providence St. Joseph Health to create, fund, and lead the Clinical Performance Group, a system-wide learning collaborative that aims to improve care and delivery.

Transforming mental health care will help end the mental health and substance misuse crisis our nation faces and ensure our youngest live healthier, longer lives. Through this learning collaborative, we’ve unearthed solutions that cut across care environments, focusing on five critical areas:

  1. Integrating behavioral health into primary care.
  2. Transforming substance use treatment and services.
  3. Finding better ways to care for people with mental health issues in the emergency department and address upstream non-medical factors.
  4. Spreading high quality solutions for telebehavioral health.
  5. Implementing the Zero Suicide initiative system wide.

These efforts are building exciting momentum. In these pages (and outlined below), we published the following examples of clinical transformation in action and what the initiative has achieved and learned to date:

We envision a world in which no one struggles alone. The Clinical Performance Group is helping to move us closer to that vision. As our learning grows, we believe it will lead to best-in-class solutions that deliver the highest quality care; improved outcomes for patients and quality of work and life for caregivers; a blueprint for other systems and care settings to begin their own transformations; and a strong return on investment.