Share Your Mental Health Story

It can be therapeutic to tell your story or your struggle and learn that you are not alone in the mental health battle that many of us deal with every day. We ask that you share your story #BeHeard, or the story when someone helped you #BeThere.

At the bottom you will see that there is a spot for a friend's email - once you hit submit they will receive an email that challenges them to tell their story #BeHeard or #BeThere - so we can keep the conversation going.

This is a chance to be the voice you wish you had heard in your time of need. Share the support you received and say "Thank you" or share what you have been through to start a much needed conversation. We want to know how you support the people you love, and how they have supported you. Fill out the form below  and join the conversation on social using the hashtags #BeWell, #BeHeard, and #BeThere.

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